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Jimmy Max of Westerleigh
280 Watchogue Road
Staten Island, NY
(718) 983-6715

Kids Pizza Seminar

 Graduates of the Pizza Seminar Complete the Fun Page Below 

When You have Completed the Fun Page

Bring the Completed Page back to Jimmy Max Restaurant


Receive a Free Kids Meal with the Purchase of a Regular Meal

~Dine-In Only~


                     Kids Coloring Page ~ Graduates Age 1 - 6 Years     




 Kids Puzzle Page ~ Graduates Age 7 - 12 Years



**Graduates ~ To Print Picture ~ Left Click on Picture and Print


Jimmy Max is a child friendly restaurant offering Children's Pizza Making free with adult purchase on Monday & Tuesday evenings 5:00 - 7:30 pm.

At Our Great Kills Location 

make your own pizza assisted by Our Master Pizza Chef Joe

Teachers By Popular Demand the Pizza Seminar is Now Available at Both of Our Locations

Jimmy Max of Westerleigh or Jimmy Max of Great Kills

Call for Reservations 718-983-6715 or contact us.

The 9 Steps to Make a Pizza

Step 1 - Take dough out of box and place on a well-floured surface. (a table or counter top)

Step 2 - Being sure to keep dough in its original shape, press with fingers or an easier method is with a rolling pin. (The dough should be about the size of the box when finished)

Step 3 - Place dough on a well-oiled cookie sheet or pizza pan and pinch the edges to make a crust.

Step 4 - Place cubes of mozzarella evenly spaced on the dough. (you may purchase pre-shredded cheese also)

Step 5 - A Simple can of crushed tomatoes, not pizza sauce, will be spooned over the mozzarella, be sure to cover all the dough with at least some sauce, get as close to the crust as possible.

Step 6 - You may put some toppings, but it certainly is not necessary. Fresh basil will complete a true Pizza Margherita, if not oregano will do. Add salt and pepper to taste or grated cheese.

Step 7 - Bake pizza in a hot oven 450-500, when the top is golden brown you will need to slide the pizza off of the pan onto the upper most rack of your oven, providing there are no holes, it will take an additional 5 minutes to cook the bottom to a crisp and beautiful golden brown.

Step 8 - Let pizza cool a bit before you attempt to cut it. Enjoy it. You may never buy another pizza again.

Step 9 - If it hasn't gone as planned, Jimmy Max offers a free pizza making seminar on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:00 - 7:30pm each child can make their own pizza, assisted by our staff and eat it for FREE! Call or email for more details.

Call for Reservation 

contact us or call: 718-983-6715